85% Of Valentines Are Purchased By Women


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In an effort to better understand Valentine’s Day, viagra sale cialis sale I read up on some of its history and levitra kavvasshipping.com then stumbled upon a figure that 85% of all Valentines today are purchased by women.  This shouldn’t have surprised me, but I was hoping by now, men would have been seeded enough by this romantic tradition that began as far as 270 AD, marking St. Valentine’s death and burial.  Evidently, women remain to be the majority of hopeless romantics who support the continued marketing of cards, chocolates, flowers and gifts on this special day.   And who could blame them?

But first, who was St. Valentine?  Today, the Catholic Church recognized three different saints named Valentine or Valentinus, all of whom were martyred.  One legend that remains on the forefront was of Valentine, the Roman priest who continued to perform secret marriages for young lovers, much against the decree made by Emperor Claudius II, outlawing marriage for young men.   You see, the Roman Emperor believed young, single men made better soldiers than those who were married and consumed by other responsibilities.   So, for having defied the order, Valentine was thrown in jail and ordered to his death.   But apparently, the priest also loved a young woman who was presumed to have been his jailer’s daughter.  And for her, he wrote a love letter which he signed, “From your Valentine.”

Later, during the Middle Ages, it was also commonly believed in France and England that February 14 was the lindens.lt amex levitra uk beginning of birds’ mating season, which added to the idea that the middle of February — Valentine’s Day — should be a day for romance.  Thereafter, through the centuries,  many little girls also read enough tales to believe relationships must contain the emotion that overwhelms them when chased, being swept off their feet by luscious words, attention and affection from suitors.  Except for Cinderella who went for the Prince, regardless, the words “happily ever after” usually came at the end of stories and 24h generic cialis order thesorrelgroup.com fairy tales like Sleeping Beauty, who was awakened by a kiss, powerful enough to get her out of eternal coma.  The kiss was really about a simple love expressed.  In truth, it’s not unlike the mm-dental.com amoxil coupon little tokens exchanged on this celebrated day of hearts

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With a combination of history and its conditioning effects, it shouldn’t be surprising that women make for that 85% statistic of today’s Valentine givers.  As a result, like Rapunzel, women are just more willing to let their hair down, in order for love to happen.

It’s been a long time running since the 17th century, when in Great Britain, the day became popularly celebrated, even amongst friends and not just lovers.  The tradition that was then condoned by a need to express feelings, especially during those days when direct expression was discouraged, lives on today, despite a more open society—BECAUSE of women.  Especially by those who have experienced childbearing and rearing, they understand that expression of love and affection is synonymous to “nurturing”, imperative for man’s survival.   Whether by fairy tales, Valentine the priest or love notes spurred by a puritanical era, the world simply needs to keep the love going and moving about.

And sure enough, through history, it found a way through Valentine, ignited by his love for a woman.  Therefore, by and because of women, there will be always be confessions, confections, read notes along with roses, music and cost eriacta poetry.  Rest assured, love will always be here to stay.

Have a great Valentine’s Day ahead!

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