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Portraits Of My Mother

© Photography by Louvette Fowler

Growing up, discount viagra salve I was always so very proud of my mother Leni, as it was obvious, she was quite the beauty.  As a little girl, there were many times when I would get excited about showing her off to my friends at school, and would request that she wear the red crocheted mini dress that set her apart from all the rest of the moms.  She was hot!  Not only was she incredibly attractive then, she was also very intelligent.  In fact, I could never quite keep up with the academic expectations, compared to the trail of medals she won for herself from the same private girl’s school we attended.

Leni–is now 70.  Still beautiful, and with the same sharp mind– only BETTER.  Softer, calmer and a whole lot more unassuming and forgiving, saying the nicest things she could at every turn.  I may as well say, she is even more beautiful.

As I too am now older, I see her in a different light, having learned for myself what it really means to love.  Every mother is just a human being.  And as I find that all beings are truly fragile deep down, able mothers are always equipped with a special strength that instinctively makes them move forward with all they’ve got, to make at best, a life– based on all they know

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Yet herewith, a woman who earlier on, lived her life according to her emotions.  Often candid, eloping with my father and giving up medical school to have me, Leni was the epitome of spontaneity.  With that childlike trait that we all hope to never lose, she now continues to insist on planning trips to Europe and Asia with High School classmates, decidedly facing each day with blinders like a racehorse would, only moving more like a gazelle, basking in the glory of a life accomplished with beautiful children and grandchildren.  Yes, that includes me and mine. :)

I’d say, her unseen tiara reflects a load of gems called understanding and acceptance.  And isn’t this the most precious of all?  For the truth is, we can revel in successes of sorts, some reflecting bank accounts and a rich resume.  Yet the treasure of true gold and platinum is within the heart and mind of those who seek their truth, and find it.

I believe my mother has found it and succeeded in all her children.  I’m hoping that she feels she has done so in me, for she has long been the reason behind my desires to do well.  And just to be clear, it wasn’t to win her affection or approval.  I won’t be telling you what she’s done for me through the years, just to use them as  reasons to love her back.  All I know and have found is that I bear her truth, and have carried it with me for a new possibility.  I don’t have to have reasons to love her.  She’s my mother!  That’s enough reason to honor her.

Recently, I hosted her 70th birthday dinner at our home, and we had loads of fun.  My sisters and brothers, as well as nephews and Aunt, all came to seal the bond amongst us “family” and to toast her on her big day.  And just before she left to return to Arizona, she said what she always says to me time and time again, “Hija (daughter in Spanish language), you always make things happen.”  That confirmed that she was made very happy.  Yet did she know, she made it happen too?

If at 70, she hasn’t learned how much she’s loved, then it’s possible, she may never know it.  In my case, I’m happy to have learned that loving is a matter of recognizing the truths that bind us.  For even those who adopt or inherit children are bonded by the same inherent truth in their begotten child.  Somewhere in the hidden lines of inherited fire that gave us the breath of life…we are as one and the same.  By fate, our shared truths transcend the biological properties of our being, as the spirit in each only recognizes itself in another…as spirit.

So “Honor thy mother and thy father”, for it’s a life law unto itself, despite the choices they make… despite the choices you make.

And to Leni, you’ve done well where most could not even begin to see a clear path upon.  You know who you are!  And at 70, you’re even more beautiful!

Happy birthday Mom!

© Photography by Louvette Fowler

© Photography by Louvette Fowler

© Photography by Louvette Fowler

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