Mother’s Day










A Panamanian Mother

There seems no greater love than that of a mother’s for her child.

While in Panama City last April, tadalafil buy viagra I sat across a special woman who epitomized that wonder.  It was clear to me what mattered to her the most.  The little nuances from her every gesture proved the depth of her love in a role that was not negotiable, and mine was a beautiful opportunity to have watched her in her element.  Her son was well behaved–his choice, a testament of trust and 404 Not Found

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educated honing from his mother. And from our few exchanged glances, he exuded a confidence within, smiling easily as he said hello and then, goodnight, after we altogether watched the cultural show in a restaurant not far from our hotel.

Surprisingly, we got seated with the locals.  My Spanish must have been so good, the Panamanians placed us in the balcony, instead of the center floor reserved for tourists.  But truly, beyond nationality, I felt just like her.  In fact, she made me remember all the precious times I shared with the boys when they were as young as her son.  Suddenly that deep sense of connection, a commitment of self, released in the highest form of creation called “child”–touched me, as if what I was observing was me, all over again.

Herewith, to share that special moment that I was happy to have documented, I wish you a very happy Mother’s Day, if you are indeed a mom.  Brunch will be cherished today over at Amaya of The Grand Del Mar– a restaurant that my good friend Fei Celestine and I frequent.  In fact, Fei and her husband Pierre will be there as well, along with Elliot, my boys’ long time friend who is like a brother to them and a son to us.  Nate, (another family friend) who has lived with us for a few months now, I will miss; but that’s ok, for he has gone home to Santa Cruz to be with his mother

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Looking back, my Mother’s Day was often spent unusually at amusement parks.  Although I hardly participated in the wild rides of such adventuresome places like Magic Mountain, I cherished those days spent, just watching my children enjoy themselves. Mother’s Day to me was “playtime” — a day to laugh with the kids and be filled with excitement, rather than a day to relax with breakfast in bed–although I’ve had a few of those as well.  Luckily for me, I’ve been blessed with several ways to have enjoyed the day.

This time, with some images collected from my recent trip to Panama City–

my head will certainly be in the clouds,

my body feeling buoyant, like from the pleasant view at The Flamenco Yacht Club

and my spirit in colorful and graceful movement, like the way their cultural dancers performed that night.

Add to it all, a similar drink filled with fruits in the bubbly like this Sangria I had then, surrounded by love and joy in sons–Richard, Ryan and Ross, my Aunt Isabella Rose who is visiting with us for a month, my husband, Richard…and our friends.  Be rest assured, I will be with cheer on this special day, very happily being a mother.


May you find the heart of golden treasures in those you love most.

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