Macro Painting With A Lense

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Almost too personal…but they don’t mind. :)









Today, buy viagra site I felt like using a palette of softer colors, see while I forayed into doing more macro shots.  I didn’t use any color filters whatsoever, by camera or by Photoshop.  I wanted to test a close up +2 filter on my 105mm lens with Defocus Control, as well as on my 105mm macro lens.   At one point I also attached a Digital Optics 2x magnifier behind the 105 with DC.

On using the macro lens with attachments, it was quite difficult to focus and no prescription vibramycin online I kept stopping the lens down to at least 5.6 and waiting for more light.  Effectively, I also had to think in terms of painting by photography.  I liked the effects, and most of the buying viagra in uk shots have only been very slightly saturated or with added black for more definition.   Adding contrast took something away from the light and dreamy colors, so if I used it, it was applied very sparingly.  The colors are very much as they are from the camera, and this can be attributed to the awesome lenses I use on my Nikon D700.

I used a slight bit of sharpening on only one image, but I believe it had a high ISO on it as it was, so they’re pretty much as they were shot.   Whether you understand this photography talk or not, I hope you like them.  I happen to like everything from the soft to bold, clear or impressionistic.  Macro doesn’t have to be detailed all the time, as there are no rules, Calvinball!  And since there was no one around today, who can teach me stylistically how to obtain effects, I’m having fun experimenting.  And flowers–well, they are a joy to work with at anytime.  They stay very still unless swayed by the wind, at which point they can become quite challenging for their close up!!!   But no problem, I only had to shoo a few bees away, annoyed as they were when I got too close to their beloved fleur du jour.

Expect a whole lot more macros and photographs of flowers from me. I just hope to find more time.

See you at the Botanical Garden or perhaps the Carlsbad flower fields?  Ah, the Butchart Gardens near Victoria, BC is more like it!  I can’t wait to visit that piece of heaven on earth–a second time around.

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