Head Over Heels

© 2011 Photo by Louvette Fowler

I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination.  Imagination is more important than knowledge.  Knowledge is limited.  Imagination encircles the sale online cialis tablets great britain world.

~Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955)

© 2011 Louvette Fowler

© 2011 Louvette Fowler













Once in Las Vegas, discount cialis cialis I saw what I thought were some of  the most perfect looking women!  They were tall, generic viagra curvaceous with tight skin and how many mg of cialis should i take strong toned muscles.  Congregated in a hotel lobby with hair and make-up as if rehearsed for weeks, these women looked amazing while in their 6 to 7 inch heels.

I got into a cab feeling like the barre was suddenly raised so high, until the cab driver explained, “The adult industry’s version of The Oscars is on!”  It was as if he read my thoughts!  I digressed as I thought, “Who else would try that hard for love or career?”   The answer is MANY women!  I noticed the shoes were no longer the big give away for women in that industry, known for their absurd preference for dauntingly high heels!  Today, everyone is wearing them.

The truth is, designers have long capitalized on women, deciding for themselves, perhaps, that every woman, by a courtesan or not, has an unexpressed need of being sexually desired.  So today, the heels are soaring higher, excused by high fashion reasoning; we can be protected from that truth by the brand and price tag– of our shoes!

My brother Clark who was recently in Paris claimed he even saw a woman riding a bicycle, while in her Louboutins!   Though uncomfortable, women pay the price for looks and many are not even aware of the online viagra super fluox-force instep miss of support most name brands of today don’t bother with anymore.  For so many, it doesn’t even matter if the shoe costs over $1000.00.  With run amok articles that say high heels further improve a woman’s sex life for all the right muscles being exercised, women are furthermore doomed.   Truth be known–when a woman looks so good, with heels or no heels, she is bound to have a great sex life…period.   And the way that it goes, the shoes come off and all is forgotten anyway!  The shoes, I mean.  Ha-ha!

But yes, even I have fallen prey.  I am head over heels about shoes, but not to the point of surrender for pain and suffering.  Yet, I have a number of those.  I’d rather not pay my taxes twice, but we all just have to give it a try.  How else are we to know the difference?  The Tribtoo shoe by YSL on the right still bothers me, although it IS immensely sexy while classy.  A quarter of an inch less from the price viagra online pills great britain heel or a quarter more added on the frontal platform or even an eighth should make this feel a whole lot better than walking on stilts.  The Louboutin on the left is of easier handling because it has the higher platform.  Perhaps I was also just too happy to have a pair of blue suede shoes, but where my arch meets the shoe is like getting a door slammed each time I take a step.  I know, not very nice, is it?

Being a huge fan of Dior that I am, I usually don’t even care to venture into other brands anymore.  My respect for Dior goes a very long way and for ample reason.  They will not go so low as to go so high just because SEX SELLS.  And even if they do, the instep math is recalculated, ever respecting women, staying interested in preserving their feet, muscles and cialis sublingual coupon toes.  Combined with clothes designed to make a woman look like a lady, there is nothing that could be so aesthetically and intrinsically devastating about soaring heels by the Fashion House that is all about quality of womanhood.  Now that to me– is CLASS.  Sticking to what they are about and not given to the fast exchange of dollars for “illusions”, Dior remains as my utmost favorite brand.

Besides, having heard from a prime source of how Mr. Louboutin personally describes his designs–  I’d rather stand tall while barefooted in defense of women and their image.  Women shouldn’t be TRAMPled  upon as mere sex objects.  Remember, every woman is still someone’s daughter.

I say let the respect remain and continue somehow.  Shoes can be sexy and I love them.  But women, love yourselves and the 75,000 nerve endings on your feet that connect to the rest of your body parts!  Pay for the right ones that support YOU.

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