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© Louvette Fowler 2011

It’s Easter Monday and sale viagra 30 pills I’m feeling quite lazy after yesterday’s relaxing and wonderful day with the family.  We spent the day like usual, discount cialis pilule just lounging around after a fattening but worthwhile brunch of Eggs Benedict, ampoule which I don’t make often for obvious reasons.  I am however, prescription tempted to re-enact the cheapest 24 h generic cialis presentation, take photos of it and add to this post, later with a recipe.

But perhaps for now, this will suffice, and I truly hope you all had a happy Easter!   The flowers I had at the table served its purpose and then some for this macro set.  I love vibrant colors, as I also am a “Spring” in the color wheel based on my skin tone and eyes.  But I am just as in love with converting photos to black and white and sepia tones for the romance and viagra for sale online nostalgia.  It allows me to project a moment and a subject, captured as “timeless”.

And don’t we all want to look timeless!  I’m still celebrating my birthday, though it’s been a few weeks since early on this month, when I had my closest friends and family join me at the chef’s table of The Addison at The Grand Del Mar.  I’m done counting the days!  Born on an Easter Sunday myself, my mother often joked that I actually came out of an egg.  So there are no chick years as far as I know!   I’m then ageless and Easter is pretty special to me.  Besides that, it is the Lord’s Day.  There is rebirth and victory in the knowledge, that should one just believe, everyone is OK as they are–even if one came out of an egg!  That is simply the GOOD NEWS about Jesus, as far as I know.  But one shall find the buy diflucan resurrection of their true self, only in and by the good that He stands for.

Beyond spirituality and onto keeping it light and tadalafil us contemporary–gone are the days of Easter egg hunts, chocolate bunnies and Cadbury eggs with cream fillings for me; but I still like to have the occasional long stemmed strawberries dipped in chocolate.   Though they end up lasting for a while in my house full of fitness gurus (except me),  I’ve already had my fair share.  So some things never change.  Easter can be spiritually enriching, but physically widening!  So much for keeping it LIGHT and contemporary!

Today is another warm and sunny day in San Diego, and I should really be hitting the beach after all the sticks of butter in the hollandaise.  But onto other work in the meantime, as one can bet that tomorrow will yield the same amount of rays anyway.  The bunnies will be hopping around my garden as usual, and there will be flowers, the blue skies, the warmth in the wind and the busy kitchen stocked with enough eggs for continued cooking and  baking…and if anything else, I guess to simply remind me of where I came from. :P

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