September Cravings – A Political Stack

The days appeared bleak and weary as I sat in a hotel room in Singapore, discount viagra rx when the news flashed about the ill fated plight of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya. It would only be several more weeks prior the upcoming elections for the USA, and campaigns were just beginning to brew its stout. Furthermore, the attack, which was initially stated as a religiously based reaction over a posted video denigrating the prophet Muhammad, happened on yet another September the 11th.  Hearing this precluded the thought this was a “spontaneous” act .  I figured there had to be more behind the staged religious fury. This was after all, a significant attack merely over a piece of film, albeit anti-Islamic but from the sole discretion of one or a few individuals, posting on youtube. And I wondered to myself just how long it would take for the United States to respond and or draw to the conclusion that this was Al Qaeda initiated.  However,  somehow, deep down, I knew NOTHING would be done about it at this point in time, which would sadly leave Americans starved of the truth to make it even clearer– their America has truly CHANGED.

When greed takes hold of one too many within a nation, it does not matter how powerful a nation is or once was. It suffers.  Furthermore, the results are worsened when propagated by too much power lying in the hands of elected officials whose personal agenda take precedence over rational thinking and handling. For theirs may already be a confused mind, usually corrupted by the seed of their own ambition in securing themselves their glorified and celebrated positions. It begins from the days of their political climb, making their final win a cunning result of strategic ways…ways they have surrendered to in order to last in the very rigid game. It’s politics, as usual.  And that been said, elections is in a couple of months!

Because of this, it is difficult to discern whom among running candidates may still truly have “public service” at heart and mind.  But what elected officials should really be are public servants in government–and a government kept simple.

Like Ayn Rand, I believe in rational morality to keep things VERY simple (especially when it comes to governing a nation). “A morality not based on faith or arbitrary whim, not on emotion or spirituality, not on arbitrary edict– mystical or social, but a morality which can be proven by means of logic that can be demonstrated to be true and necessary.”  The balance sheets should be consulted.  That’s where the truth can be seen altogether–the essentials and cheap viagra online a href necessities of health, economics, trade, and the sanctity of peace supported by its police and freedom securing military.  Oh–and the staggering deficit, if any :P .

To keep things simple, I do not believe government should involve themselves in “controls” and dictatorship of wealth redistribution,  by taxes or by other forceful penalties, adjudging the rich, the middle class and the poor, unconsciously creating a divide that takes away the natural spirit of true democracy. “Politics” is defined as the art or science of government; but that a “government” must be defined BY its people, which gives the USA a transparency about its values. It was Abraham Lincoln who said during his Gettysburg Address that “this nation shall have a new birth of FREEDOM ( a very tangible word that best described USA for its huge successes)— and that by it [FREEDOM], government OF the PEOPLE, BY the PEOPLE and FOR the PEOPLE, shall then not perish from the earth. These very words have come to symbolize the definition of democracy itself.  But I’m beginning to see a CHANGE alright, one that is unbecoming to the superpower I knew.

We all know that the United States was established well from whence with its original industrialists and capitalistic thinking. But it’s been a long time running since the rules have been altered to create the modified welfare state it’s been poorly functioning under, making things worse in hidden “fixes” of  “entitlements”, as if they were drugs being pushed to a nation of people struggling to survive, but unaware of the “fix” they would fall accustomed or addicted to.  Not only does this have a subliminal effect of enabling or disabling (depending on how you see it, but the results are the same) on the referred 47%  –that they CAN’T possibly make it on their own–and that they need everybody else!  It has a catastrophic alteration of self worth in those who may be phenomenally gifted, extinguishing their fire and corrupting their inspiration, suggesting that they too will need a crutch at some point.   After all, “no one made it entirely on their own”!  For the smart and super wealthy, it does not take much to figure things out and make necessary changes for themselves.  Facebook’s co-founder has already taken his creative self elsewhere, and so have many, many others.  Unbeknownst to many people, there is an alarming rate of green card holders relinquishing their residency, besides citizens denouncing their nationality.  For those who have no option but to stay, suddenly, there are invisible cuffs and where to buy viagra ruler spanking hands pointing to a list of do’s and don’ts, including where to line up for what health treatment one will be allowed to have.  It is possible, that if you are needing immediate treatment, you can die in the midst of the fine print being reconsidered over and over.  And no one can claim full responsibility for that failure and waste of your breath.  Not even yourself.  Of course, everyone will be FORCED to understand.  Your hands were tied, and so were theirs.  Sorry, but if you’re over 60, perhaps it is time for you to go!

Being a British citizen who lives in the United States, I’m taking on an independent stance to feed my cravings for this upcoming November elections–not unlike the stack of pancakes I MADE and CHOSE for myself.  My hunger for the America I’ve known moves me to desire for a nation against giving officials the power to initiate force or compulsion on its citizens and protect those who are its true inhabitants.  I desire that its people will give up the false charities from the government and realize that a system wherein other people’s monies are spent to resuscitate the outcome of bad choices made by others, falls under collectivism or socialism—not capitalism.  I never saw the United States as a country needing parenting.  It has always, ALWAYS boasted of a free society!   Worse yet, when I hear from military personnel, that collected monies are recklessly sent overseas instead of being spent or applied to its own ailing TRUE American CITIZENS  for whom they were collected for, I am made to realize that the stack of sweet dough with fruits and maple syrup I made myself has become a guilt tripping mess with the suddenly forbidden whipped cream.  Could it be?  I feel like running and protecting my mind from the debilitating result of this analogy!  But back to government, if it does not know its own border, how can it contain order?   Where there are no boundaries, order can only take place with a god ruling all of the seen and buy generic kamagra unseen.  Would you truly give someone THAT much power?  Truly, should the United States change its coined slogan to “In government, we trust?”  Isn’t the power of individualism supported by FREE will, given to every man by God himself, that we must take responsibility?

While my spirituality dictates that I must try to be my brother’s keeper, this decision should be my own and administered by myself. I think the USA is one very generous nation, overtly capable of helping others to the point that God is still smiling upon it, and keeping it, well… fairly safe, given their enemies who in retrospect, just want the same damn stack of pancakes.  A tax may be reasonable and necessary to sustain growth and management of infrastructure, education, health and military power within a nation, but allowing a freer society has its merits in motivating people from the very core of their nature. It encourages an energy that transforms and imminently extends itself into creating more jobs and or spiritual giving –inspiring others toward more economic fulfillment by the use of their unrestricted, emotional, creative thinking.  To me, that initiates an energy that is contagious and effective in more ways than the narrow mindset of focusing on “someone else having so much more!”

Just as there was a separation of state and church which effectively led to a peaceful co-existence among different religions, I think a separation of government and economics can well bring more order to any country. When it comes to economics, which yields dollars and cents by the end of the day, rational thinking is what should be called to order.  Allowing a free, unregulated or ever so lightly regulated economy should balance the system, in time. Though not without painful atonement by those who CHOSE wrongly and bled the system from the time the Community Reinvestment Act was passed by Congress in 1977, I believe this should weed out the corrupt seed INSIDE that continues to create inauthentic capitalists (from politicians to bankers, etc.) who use government help to their advantage. After all, a system’s cancer has to be dealt with from the inside out.  Yes!  It’s got to be an INSIDE job, but dictated by the OUTSIDE as “WE THE PEOPLE”!  Better yet, as “WE THE AMERICANS!”  Oh right!  I’m not American.  But I’m free as a human being with my own thoughts and desires expressed on my own blog for an America, the way it used to be–a first world nation encouraging FREEDOM.

Unfortunately, liberals and conservatives today have all become the source of altruism because “governing” has turned into a destructive issue of CONTROL. Mindsets of ego have come to a head, giving government positions full play in a stage production called Politics, where a role in it means power. I say the USA should go back to the PROVEN theory of more encouraged capitalism, and let the politicians simply be the public servants they should be—seeking out the best solutions in keeping their country safe and orderly, educated and inspired, with the ailing and aging, healthily supported by their own investment in social security and health care, while encouraging each one to be responsible citizens for their actions and choices while implementing punishment for the unlawful and corrupt. Only then can you obtain FREEDOM flourishing from what can still be called a democracy.

“Democracy: the absence of hereditary or arbitrary class distinctions or privileges” Merriam-Webster


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