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From Land Rover To Sanctuary Belize Adventures










Let me begin this post by backtracking a bit, best viagra capsule as it has been months (yet again) since my last blog. It will also help illustrate a paralleled point of view from my other ventures and buy uk tablets online cialis trips.

It was last August in 2012, buy viagra when my husband and I were invited by Land Rover to a neatly packaged experience that added to our memory bank of education and adventure. The well organized event projected a wise approach, typically adopted by successful companies who sell items to commemorate meaningful experiences in people’s lives. Take for instance, Aaron Basha, a jewelry company out of New York with their baby shoe pendants. Each pendant gifted to a new mother represents that tangible life experience around her newborn. The psychology, even when reversed works the same way when companies sell an experience to associate a product with. Provided the event is successful, which takes planning, dedication and discipline, its effectiveness goes beyond marketing goals, because as human beings, we ultimately operate from the heart. Without an identifiable or associated memoir, most objects simply remain as they are— THINGS.

We have owned Land Rovers before, but that simple fact turned into something associated with pride, after attending the event dubbed “an Off Road Experience”.  The article on Autoweek covered other car companies for their positive brand experiences, besides Land Rover who featured photos of Richard (my husband) driving the white LR4. Read the article by clicking on the photo; but read this first. :)

*”Ties That Bind” Article On Autoweek

Many models of Land Rovers were personally experienced by aficionados, carefully led by passionately trained instructors. Suspensefully driven around the majestic terrains of Moab, UT, it was a hands on, sometimes challenging but memorable experience, where later, its participants engaged with each other at wonderfully set up picnics and dinners. After feeling like little engines that could, we departed in the end with what Land Rover hoped to have left in us–a lasting and happy impression of their vehicles and brand.  Land Rover, in my opinion, was brilliant in subliminally selling itself, as I began to tag the photos I took with words that stayed with me: luxurious, reliable, nostalgic, secure, adventurous, and amazing! Really, who doesn’t want all that?

Fast forward to January of 2013, when we went to Belize for the first time. Similarly, but by an impressive resort development called Sanctuary Belize offering properties that can be bought based on a compelling promise, the experience was like music–a prelude to a leisurely and order pills cialis online usa idyllic life that one could have. The few days spent there were enough to make me want to come back a second or third time, if only for the people we met who shared the same desires. I was indeed, very intrigued and maybe even emotionally hooked.

There sat what is and will be a community, offering amenities along with dreams come true for many who are either seeking refuge from government interferences, and or simply wanting freedom and release from the stresses of a crowded or busy life.  Although mine isn’t a crowded setting where we are in Rancho Santa Fe, California, the development was upon me like a Jurassic Park, short of the dinosaurs, lush in vegetation and with organic quality, ecologically aware, hash-tagged #responsible, protective and proud of its innocence.

*The Kanantik Hotel huts in Belize

And while it would necessitate time to prove its success because it is altogether still without the infrastructure in place, I was already captivated by the natural bits of heaven it offered– those that simply cannot be staged and were at the core of its spirit surrounded by Caribbean blue waters.


*At the Sanctuary Caye Private Island

First off, it was as if its pure air alone was holy enough to cleanse and generic for cialis transform even the toughest cynic. Perhaps I associated it with good times experienced in the southern Philippines while at a relative’s estate. It had the same thatched huts, coconut trees and swinging palm trees! Threaded with other memories of days floating on a bamboo raft at the middle of the clearest waters over white sand, it had a hypnotic effect. The PH balance on my skin also became a testament to it being a happy place. And that’s not to say I didn’t also appreciate the wonderful efforts made by Sanctuary Belize.  From the boat rides to enjoying a terrific massage at sea, in an open and perfectly framed picture of its private island for residents, we simply had a great time! The experience would not have been made comfortable, without their doting services of even getting me the pair of flip-flops I forgot to pack! We also made new friends and I’m already looking forward to reconnecting with a number of them.


Through it all, the only fear one could sensibly entertain, is if the promise was unmet after the number of years it may yet take to fully complete the project.  I mean, who knows how fast it could all happen, given the economic times? However, even as I was made happy enough by a couple of large sea shells that sat as décor around large bowls of Cevice and flowing rum punches, the referred King and Queen of shells were freely gifted, in spite of the fact I offered to buy them.

Belize just seemed pure, unscathed by wants beyond need, protected by contentment. I even noticed a progressive calm in people after days of just being “there”, where no sooner, a few wanted a piece of it for their “here and now.” New friends shared of their plans to enjoy it with horses on the equestrian side of the property, while another, quickly snatched parcels around the man made canals or lagoons.

While it holds true to many of us that it takes work to finally relax, that’s just a given oddity in life, isn’t it? That’s because we still want our modern amenities, and we will continue to protect our investments by scrutinizing a place before we will want to call it “home”. But we also get excited about new prospects!

You see, I believe that in each of us is a child, subconsciously associating and buy propecia prescription perhaps even projecting many past feelings with present experiences. I mean, why is being cradled by a hammock so inviting? Could it be so reminiscent of being held by a parent, rocking us gently where there is no mistaking that life was similarly, a beach without worries, during those precious early years?


Let’s go beyond the aesthetics. New to Belizeans inhabiting the land, I only noticed smiles and an eagerness to please without expectation of anything. There simply were no signs of looking for heavy tips and compensation, commonly experienced in capitalistic nations. Even as Richard and I wandered off on our own with a local, just to make sure we saw it from the inside out, it was still Gilligan’s island with what seemed to be a steady stream of sincerity. And the lagoons beyond the vicinity onwards Placencia, they were as serene as the sunsets.


There, life flows, flowers and vegetable gardens grow, and fish is so easily caught even from its shores.

Bananas frequently accompany the staple of rice mixed with beans. And the served chicken and pork were as funky as music, rhythmically suggesting a dance with all sorts of spices. I have no doubt you can have it your way as well; just don’t expect the Kobe beef. Still– by some means, I’m sure one can arrange to bring them in. But whether you’re kayaking, horse riding, swimming, fishing, taking photographs or simply reading with your feet up– while there, it’s hard not to simply BE in a place like Belize.

Marketing plays an important role in any trade, and we certainly want to be a part of reliable organizations.  No doubt, Sanctuary Belize orchestrated a wonderful experience for us, which is an example of plain, good management.  But beyond all efforts, it was rather comforting to know there is still such a place on earth, one can call–a sanctuary.  The developers did the right thing calling it just that!  Sanctuary Belize.


*In solitude, light comes from love, regardless of time and nature

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Water Lilies

“Love is like dew that falls on both nettles and cialis 60mg usa buy lilies.” ~Swedish Proverb

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Protected: A Million Dollars Worth By $40 – A True Story

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Thought Of The Day – 2/1/2012

DSC_6302bT_50_80.jpgDSC_5774-2bT_50.jpgDSC_7196bsT2-1-2r_25.jpgDSC_7147T_50_80.jpgDSC_8022a-3_25Ts.jpgDSC_7341aTM_25.jpgDSC_7327aT_25.jpgDSC_6179-3T_50.jpgDSC_6582T_50.jpgDSC_8112c3-2T-1-2Mains_75aMAIN-1.jpgDSC_8043-2a copy copy-4a-3_main_50-3main_50.jpgDSC_6341b-2T_50.jpgDSC_5742CT-3_50_80.jpgDSC_7079_01_50.jpgDSC_6210-2T_50.jpgDSC_7995ac-2b copyT_50_80.jpgDSC_5920a-1-1a-1T_50.jpg


There’s more…but I’ve been really busy.  ‘Updates in due time!  ? Louvette

It used to baffle me how God has so many laws, buy cialis treatment yet he is the all forgiving God.  Now I know the laws are a way to know of His nature–that we shall be as one.  An almost impossible feat considering human nature, treatment   especially when we become of age.  Yet when that knowledge is founded, look it is simply good enough.

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Buddhist Schoolboy

And I shall be made worthy of my learning to BE

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DSC_6302bT_50_80.jpgDSC_5774-2bT_50.jpgDSC_7196bsT2-1-2r_25.jpgDSC_7147T_50_80.jpgDSC_8022a-3_25Ts.jpgDSC_7341aTM_25.jpgDSC_7327aT_25.jpgDSC_6179-3T_50.jpgDSC_6582T_50.jpgDSC_8112c3-2T-1-2Mains_75aMAIN-1.jpgDSC_8043-2a copy copy-4a-3_main_50-3main_50.jpgDSC_6341b-2T_50.jpgDSC_5742CT-3_50_80.jpgDSC_7079_01_50.jpgDSC_6210-2T_50.jpgDSC_7995ac-2b copyT_50_80.jpgDSC_5920a-1-1a-1T_50.jpg


There’s more…but I’ve been really busy.  ‘Updates in due time!  ? Louvette

When we pray, seek what transpires between us and our God encompasses all of what we are and what makes us.  So love thyself and pray.  ~Louvette

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A Second Look With The Third Eye (The Algodones)

DSC_6302bT_50_80.jpgDSC_5774-2bT_50.jpgDSC_7196bsT2-1-2r_25.jpgDSC_7147T_50_80.jpgDSC_8022a-3_25Ts.jpgDSC_7341aTM_25.jpgDSC_7327aT_25.jpgDSC_6179-3T_50.jpgDSC_6582T_50.jpgDSC_8112c3-2T-1-2Mains_75aMAIN-1.jpgDSC_8043-2a copy copy-4a-3_main_50-3main_50.jpgDSC_6341b-2T_50.jpgDSC_5742CT-3_50_80.jpgDSC_7079_01_50.jpgDSC_6210-2T_50.jpgDSC_7995ac-2b copyT_50_80.jpgDSC_5920a-1-1a-1T_50.jpg

Spent possibly one of the best times of my life here, generic cialis cialis with friends and company colleagues. Hoi An has everything from the mountains to the seas, discount viagra old culture to modern conveniences. I even got hugs from market ladies. There is no lack for anything in the spirit of the people of Hoi An, especially from those who make the simplest of living.

*more pictures to come.

I had just returned from Asia with two weeks spent in Bangkok, viagra buy and Phuket, Ho Chi Minh City, Hoi An and Danang. My body was still healing from a war with the beach bugs and mosquitos of the crazy tropics, when off I went a second time to the California desert, risking my skin to even MORE markings! Also recuperating from days of back ache, possibly from the many hours of flying plus a San Diego blackout upon my return that tested my cooking skills in the dark, I pushed to keep up with a group of photographers headed for the Algodones on the 17th of September.

Cookies & Cream



And so I thought, I had better mentally rise above the physical hurdles that came with my having “too much fun.” After all, what’s another night out trekking the dunes, after some globe trotting that turned out well? But truly, the thought of simply amassing more pictures of the Dunes was really not that motivating.  I knew I had to do something “different.” With all of the same, sand bugs awaiting and in the condition I was in, I knew this trip could very well turn out to be, well, just another bugger.  Pun intended!

Feeling tired, I contemplated while driving 160 miles south of San Diego.  I thought, these pictures had better be worth a second round of effort!  But how so, when I was going to arrive late, just when the sun was setting? Shoot!  Was I going to miss the sunset?  That morning was so hectic when I vacillated on the thought of going and not going.  Still, I managed to grill a salmon and prepare a salad to share, thanks to two tablets of Aleve, until I finally got myself into the car.  I felt that dinner was probably all I would make it to and the night shoot thereafter.

Night Cap

At that point, I could only surrender to what already was and allowed myself to go through the motion as that complete Artist, leaving things to chance. With eyes wide open, I left it to the third eye to find me a way, and kept driving on.  I was obliging, even if I was not going to have as many shots of the Dunes, arriving just as the sun was beginning to set. Somehow, I made it. With my “come what may” mindset, I at least scurried like the sand was too hot on my feet and took my shots a few yards behind the group.

My Shadow



Whole Grain

I  experimented with filters and did things out of my norm, with a huge desire to push the usual.  I was looking to do something different. I ended up with pink sands, amber, magenta and purple skies. I pushed Kelvins (unit of measurement for tonal temperature in images), and gave up exposures I knew would normally work!  I ran the risk of having pictures I may not like.  But I really had nothing to lose. This isn’t a job! And hooray for that!

Undoubtedly, the company was altogether wonderful.  The very talented group is definitely one to be a part of!  Familiar faces and possible new friends awaited to partake in a shared pursuit, but no Michael Hartman who heads the pack.   He played Pandora stations while the bonfire flickered from the last time, and I missed that!  Still, we had the essentials and focused on the main event.  I sprayed bug spray, had citronella beads, remembered laughing enough through dinner and enjoyed going out on a limb from the peaks of sand dunes, with my whole new approach.

Blushing Dreams

Imperial Dawn


The Rising Colors

We woke up early to greet the rising sun with our cameras and tripods, and I made up for lost time by going higher up the dunes. The dawning of the day was over very quickly.  By 9:00 a.m., I went further up, while everyone started to head down, ready to pack up and head back. I did what I had to do. The group was more than ready to leave with enough photos in their memory cards, but they kindly waited for me at the camp site.

It was about 9:45 when we all finally took off–together. Well, as I was driving along, I saw signs of food outlets and veered off Dogwood Street, letting the group drive on to San Diego without me.  LOL  I first stopped off at a Starbucks where I had a chance to review the photos I took.  Realizing the direction I was going with colors and artsy post processing, I decided to head back to the Dunes. I spent another hour up another side for a few more differing shots.  And a few more they were, as I didn’t last that long.

I got more stingy bites as I stood by trees alongside the power towers and had to ignore the pain as I climbed to take my last shots.  The desert was mine and mine alone, except for this one dude who parked his buggy for sale at the field. He left after he realized I was his only audience!  The place was absolutely deserted!  This time, no pun intended.



A Serenade

With multicolor skies and golden sands documented, it was time to save my body from the useless buggers!  I felt that I made some kind of effort, and I rather liked that!

Higher Up

It was time to get on home, but I really needed to stop and nurse my insect bites with balm and take an allergy pill.  I was also starving.  I found a Chinese restaurant in El Centro that was odd enough to be totally Hispanic.  Yet they served a terrific Mapo tofu dish with red chillies, and a perfectly steamed and seasoned sea bass.  I can’t remember the restaurant’s name but it was close enough to the border’s check point.  The waiters and all their customers spoke Spanish.   It was as if they expected me to speak the language, because it was an immediate “Hola!  Buenos tardes!  Que quiere usted?”   Obligingly once again, I responded perfectly, just like any illegal immigrant from Ranch Santa Fe.  Laugh out loud!  I felt like an absolute alien. Everyone was Mexican in this Chinese restaurant.

Moonwalk To Home

But que rico! It was a great stop that replenished my exhausted body.  And by the time I got home, I was contented with the decisions I made.  I knew I had work to do on colors and the surreal tones I wanted to explore beyond the usual cream and warm tones of the dunes.  But it was time to prepare for yet another trip!  I’ll tell you more about that later.

dunes-of-goldIn the end, the Dunes of Gold was what I needed to see.  This image alone was enough for me to have suffered a little more for! If you hadn’t already read the blog from my first visit to the Algodones, please do.  You’ll understand just why this is special to me.  Thanks to the polarizing and warm pink filters, I was able to give the sand its needed tonal range, and then pushed the colors towards the yellows and amber in Photoshop’s HDR toning.

I hope you can appreciate my approach of the Algodones, this second time around.  To me, there are two ways of photographing.  You can show a subject as it really is, or as you see it or dream it to be.

ART by the aid of the third eye, was definitely what made it all pleasurable for me.   Give me rich colors and visuals–anytime!

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Quote From Herb Caen



“I tend to live in the past because most of my life is there.”
~Herb Caen

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Cloud Illusions

“These cloud illusions I recall…”

© Louvette Fowler *All rights reserved

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Quote From Nancy Astor / Guava Margarita Recipe

dsc_5240_new_main1img_2114et350a_55_50DSC_9844a-1T2_50-1.jpgDSC_0357a-1 copy_50b_90.jpgDSC_9874a_mainccV_50.jpgDSC_9874a_maincch_50.jpgDSC_0203a-1-3Ta2Main_50.jpgDSC_0203a-1-3810sT-1-2_50.jpgDSC_0108a-1T_50-1-2.jpgDSC_0090bT_50.jpgDSC_0170a-1T_50.jpgdsc_7695cmaindsc_7726b_main-1t_25dsc_5223atcdsc_5235a-1-2_25dsc_5218a-1t_new_a_50dsc_7744nefa-1-2main_main_25DSC_0084a-1-2T_50L.jpgDSC_0135aT_50.jpgDSC_0048aT_50.jpgDSC_0049a-1T_50.jpgdsc_5009a-1nrdsc_5276nefa-1-2t_25dsc_5253a-1t_25dsc_5406nefa-1tDSC_4525_mainDT.jpgcapture_rose2texdsc_5026a-1-2t_25dsc_4904nefa-1t_25dsc_4941a-1ta_25dsc_5113a-1_70dsc_5000nefa-1dsc_4527a-1-2tc_main_25dsc_5101a-1ect_50DSC_9407-1-1_new-1T_50.jpgdsc_5770acdscn0169m1a_502_50tdsc_4931nefa-1_60_90dsc_5452nefa-1-2_80dsc_4770dsc_4907nefa-1-2_25dsc_4941acl-1-2_main1tcdsc_4640nefa-1ta_main_25DSC_9828aT_50.jpgdscn0169cf1r2_25tdsc_5895nefb-1a_main_s_25dsc_5697ac-1-3dsc_5306nefa-1b_50tdsc_5654-1_25DSC_9860a-1-2b&w2T_50-1-1d-1.jpgDSC_9820a-1b_50TM.jpgDSC_9870a-1T_50-1-2M.jpgDSC_9870a-1T_50-1c.jpgDSC_5355-1a_50.jpgimg_3300c-1_25DSC_0239a-1Sa_50.jpgDSC_8978-1_50.jpgDSC_0275a-1-2d_50.jpg

© Photography By Louvette Fowler

One reason I don’t drink is that I want to know when I am having a good time.
~Nancy Astor (1879 – 1964)

So, buy cialis view if you must, viagra generic cialis drink in moderation, and responsibly.

Guava Margarita Recipe:
Pour over ice cubes in a mixer
2 oz. Tequila
2 oz. Kern’s Guava Juice
1/2 oz. Triple Sec.
1/2  oz. fresh lime juice
*Squeeze a bit of fresh orange juice into the mixture

Run the rim of a cocktail glass with lime juice, and dip in salt. Shake all ingredients.
Strain into the glass and serve.

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