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The Beach & Cali Girl

DSC_1313b-1T-1_50.jpgdsc4195-1t_n2_r_mains2bnn_50dsc_6543c_50dsc_7606ct_nn_main_25DSC_1403a-3Ta_50-1.jpg_DSC4197c-1 copyaTs-1_main_50.jpgc18-DSC_1383a-1T-2_50.jpgc46-DSC_1301a-1-4_50Ta.jpgdsc_6374nefat-1_25DSC_9249a-1ac-1n_50.jpgDSC_9298ac2-1_50.jpgdsc4235ac65-DSC_1432baT_50.jpgDSC_6532NEFc-1b&w_25.jpgdsc_6532nefc-1as_25cldsc_6540_main_s_p1_50c79-DSC_1375a-2Tr_50.jpgDSC_1329c_50.jpgc49-DSC_1369aT_50.jpgIMG_1565-1_50T_75.jpg

© Photography by Louvette Fowler

DSC_1467csTMAINr.jpgDSC_3937aT-2s-5_23.jpgDSC_1378a-1aTmainsS21000.jpgc76-DSC_1608aTPSEs2MAINRszd_30.jpgDSC_1522b-1s_20-1.jpgDSC_2593eTs_25.jpgDSC_0893bMainlight-soft2Ps-1_5x7aab-1_Kevin_50.jpgDSC_3058aT-1s_20.jpgdsc_8002-1-4bt_50DSC_0789a1-1-5Ta_50.jpgDSC_2398c-1-2bTs-2_20.jpgc72-DSC_0239a-1Sa_50.jpgDSC_0936a-1-2_5x7a-1-2main2Ps-1MAIN_40.jpgDSC_0203a-1-3810sT-1_50.jpgDSC_0857a-2-2MAIN57_50.jpgDSC_0823a-1-2rPSEs_25.jpgDSC_9491_-1_-1-2_fused-1T_50_80.jpgDSC_9268-2aTmain-2c_50_80.jpgStill A Perfect World-s_22.jpgdsc_6437-1-3ct1r_50dsc_6408nefc_50Whole_Grain_50.jpgdsc_5240_new_main1DSC_4210b-1-2MAINMs57_25D.jpgc7-DSC_4001a-2a-1-2a-15x7SS_40.jpgDSC_3082aTs_20.jpgDSC_2527bLOVET-1s-1_40.jpgdsc_5101a-1ect_50DSC_1283aTs-2_25.jpgDSC_1702a-1-2mainT-1MainsS_25.jpgc15-DSC_7967-1T_25.jpgDSC_3941aTs-4_25a.jpgDSC_0493a-1_-1_-1-2_f-1-2-1MT_50_80.jpgDSC_1109b-1-3Ts_40.jpgDSC_4819bcT-1s-1a57_25.jpgDSC_1234b-1PSEsTMAIN_50.jpgdsc1560-1-1-2bc-1_50DSC_3725a-1-1-3T_50.jpgCalifornia_Gold_25.jpgdsc4195-1t_n2_r_mains2bnn_50Light Series_20.jpgdsc_6364b-1_25dsc_6369act_25dsc_7882-1-1_mainc1t_25dsc0965nefb2r-1-2_25DSC_2941T-1MAINs2cT-1-2_30.jpgdsc0960_tntmain2wc-1ac_25DSC_4525_mainDT.jpgDSC_3308aTs_25.jpgDSC_9633-2T_50_80a.jpgc45-DSC_8932-1-2ca_50.jpgDSC_3510aaTs-1-3_25s.jpgDSC_4870-1-2-1-2T_50.jpgDSC_3928a-2T-6a-1s_25.jpg



© 2010 All Site Photographs By Louvette Fowler

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DSC_9155bT1_50-1.jpgDSC_6575 copy-2T_25.jpgIMG_0797-1a_50.jpgDSC_9260a-1a_50-1.jpgDSC_9298ac2-1_50T-1_90.jpgIMG_0790-1a-1-2a_50.jpgIMG_0756-1ac-1-2-1-2_main copy_50.jpgIMG_0912c copy-1main.jpgDSC_8893-1b_50.jpg035-1a.jpg

For the past couple of months, generic cialis sick I’ve taken to Del Mar beach as my sanctuary.  Just before Spring hit, pharm I found resolve in the sometimes nippy air that made me zip up and pull the sleeves over my hands with thumbs peeking through my Lululemon’s .  For those who don’t know, help
that’s a brand of work out gear I happen to like.  There’s just something about the wind in my face while breathing ocean air and where to buy cialis canada feeling the pulse from a brisk walk over a mile’s stretch.  The elements seem to bring me to some kind of rhythm, like a different kind of music that rejuvenates and soothes me deep down.  Ah, with this, I can now also justify living in Southern California.  After all, who can live in San Diego and not hit the beach at least twice a week?  Well, me for that matter.  I only just got started with this after 10 long years!

Over what sometimes can be a rugged stretch of sand, a whole lot can truly go on.  Surfers, bikers, photographers, children making sand castles, lovers walking hand in hand, and even the occasional singer with guitar in tow, spice up the sidelines of a majestic body of water.   I’ve seen the birds fly in unison, the kites fly so high, the volleyball go over sweaty athletic bodies echoing the sound of victory and defeat, while dogs ran around, sometimes stopping to give me a sniff, as if to say– “Is that Je Adore you’re wearing?”  Ha-ha!  The party goes on all the way till sundown, where everything and everyone, including seaweed and pets are illuminated in breathtaking hues.  By the end of my walk, I am usually ready for a mojito and a fish taco from Poseidon, the restaurant where everyone now knows my name.

Cheers, and just like being in the show!   Being THERE allows me another way of feeling one with nature, my big family,  embracing all that goes on inside and online shop nolvadex us outside.  I become like a transparent vessel where thoughts can filter through and be understood more poignantly.  And while the special music plays, my feet sometimes pound against the sand, taking on harder hits.  And then sometimes, it can be an ever so fluid glide like a violin bow, reverberating passion,  urging me to document and collect the genre of sweet notes from that particular day at the beach–by a mojito, a camera and part of me, finally turned California girl.

*Some images captured by iPhone or Nikon D700

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