It took me ten years to figure out, cialis canada cialis just what to do with this personal site, this web
which I set aside while living MY LIFE as it came.  A series of wonderful events contributed to the essence of buy lasix those years, cialis but it took a birthday to finally dwell on what truly pleases ME.   It’s as if…a light went on.

This photograph was the first I ever took after unpacking the new digital Nikon I wish I had bought much sooner.  Mais c’est la vie!  This was how it happened.  It was my birthday on April 2nd of 2010, when I only wanted to be with family.  The simplicity of being with people I loved who knew me well was enough to make my day special.  I cancelled all thoughts of transporting two busloads of friends from San Diego to Las Vegas, or even inviting just a few from outer states to help celebrate my day.   Yes, my day was really just about me, as many of my trips are to Las Vegas! Spa time, shopping, one drink upon arrival and cheap no prescription online levitra one drink upon leaving. And lucky me!  I could have spent my day any which way at all.

But no to runamok fanfare.  Seriously.
I have always enjoyed creativity.  I will forever be an Artist.  But this time, I had a desire to dig up the old camera lenses and filters.  Like me, they too needed to see the light!  Perhaps not so much to help me take better photos, but to document those which consituted my being as I travelled, ate, communicated and soulfully collected for myself– all precious things that entered my senses.  These “things” and events that keep me well, spiritually alive and human all at once, while expressed and shared, must find its way into the network of life.  These “things” of energy from me to you, from you to them and back to me cannot remain dormant.  Though silence can mean a safe haven for some of cialis pills usa us– a treasure of labor manifesting in the form of joy is what makes us breathe.

For every Artist reading this, I’m sure you can relate.
Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, viagra sale nurse then start blogging!

DSC_1467csTMAINr.jpgDSC_3937aT-2s-5_23.jpgDSC_1378a-1aTmainsS21000.jpgc76-DSC_1608aTPSEs2MAINRszd_30.jpgDSC_1522b-1s_20-1.jpgDSC_2593eTs_25.jpgDSC_0893bMainlight-soft2Ps-1_5x7aab-1_Kevin_50.jpgDSC_3058aT-1s_20.jpgdsc_8002-1-4bt_50DSC_0789a1-1-5Ta_50.jpgDSC_2398c-1-2bTs-2_20.jpgc72-DSC_0239a-1Sa_50.jpgDSC_0936a-1-2_5x7a-1-2main2Ps-1MAIN_40.jpgDSC_0203a-1-3810sT-1_50.jpgDSC_0857a-2-2MAIN57_50.jpgDSC_0823a-1-2rPSEs_25.jpgDSC_9491_-1_-1-2_fused-1T_50_80.jpgDSC_9268-2aTmain-2c_50_80.jpgStill A Perfect World-s_22.jpgdsc_6437-1-3ct1r_50dsc_6408nefc_50Whole_Grain_50.jpgdsc_5240_new_main1DSC_4210b-1-2MAINMs57_25D.jpgc7-DSC_4001a-2a-1-2a-15x7SS_40.jpgDSC_3082aTs_20.jpgDSC_2527bLOVET-1s-1_40.jpgdsc_5101a-1ect_50DSC_1283aTs-2_25.jpgDSC_1702a-1-2mainT-1MainsS_25.jpgc15-DSC_7967-1T_25.jpgDSC_3941aTs-4_25a.jpgDSC_0493a-1_-1_-1-2_f-1-2-1MT_50_80.jpgDSC_1109b-1-3Ts_40.jpgDSC_4819bcT-1s-1a57_25.jpgDSC_1234b-1PSEsTMAIN_50.jpgdsc1560-1-1-2bc-1_50DSC_3725a-1-1-3T_50.jpgCalifornia_Gold_25.jpgdsc4195-1t_n2_r_mains2bnn_50Light Series_20.jpgdsc_6364b-1_25dsc_6369act_25dsc_7882-1-1_mainc1t_25dsc0965nefb2r-1-2_25DSC_2941T-1MAINs2cT-1-2_30.jpgdsc0960_tntmain2wc-1ac_25DSC_4525_mainDT.jpgDSC_3308aTs_25.jpgDSC_9633-2T_50_80a.jpgc45-DSC_8932-1-2ca_50.jpgDSC_3510aaTs-1-3_25s.jpgDSC_4870-1-2-1-2T_50.jpgDSC_3928a-2T-6a-1s_25.jpg

© 2010 All Site Photographs By Award Winning Photographer – Louvette Fowler

Art is subjective. Its reason is to tell a story, viagra generic prescription   make you see and feel something.
It seeks to impress a contribution to your world, discount viagra cheap but also to express what is and cialis professional no prescription has been. 

It does not perform for judgement, sickness but to resonate a love.  And when done with all graces, it is an absolute gift.

? Louvette